Youth Camp Activities


this page is still under construction… since camp just happened we’re taking our time building it right and making it useful


team sports

a co-ed group of youth campers from all cabins. competitive sports and challenges for points and a claim to the title!


Midday madness

structured free-time? sports a la carte? choose your own activities?
this section of the day is signed up for in advance of camp. some sports, some together-alone activities. controlled chaos.


peer ministry

grab your buddies, your youth group, your camp bff and give God the glory in whatever you’re presenting.
spoken word, a testimony, a skit, a song. sign up and then show us what you’ve got!


Kids Camp Activities


Team Sports

paired up with another cabin group play some classic team games like floor hockey and kickball


kidz zone

go with your cabin group to several activities across the week
BB Guns, Mini Golf, ChalkWalk, Nerf Wars, Beach & Boat Time, Crafts and more!